TIMES NOW represents what is wrong with the urban middle class India today-the new post liberalization world where morality and integrity have been sacrificed for wealth and power.

times now started late but soon came to the fore front by a simple trick ‘sensationalism’.the channel is known to see everything with suspicion.even the minutest detail how irrelevant is scrutinized and made into a big issue of mammoth proportion.the anti Pakistan rhetoricĀ  that is visible all the time is the major example for its sensational nature.though mumbai attacks were tragic, a war with Pakistan would have been many times a disaster.all the anti china war cry so often heard in it was actually responsible for creating anxiety among Indians in the past few months.

so today on 3rd dec 2009 lets start ‘CLEAN UP TIMES NOW’ (CTN)movement.this is not a movement against times now but against the modern indian mindset.lets all take an effort to bring back the indianness that we have lost.




  1. sojournertruths says:

    don’t u think that sensationalism is adopted by all the media houses; it’s the marketing need of the hour. We audiences are an equal party to this great indian circus.

    1. kir4189 says:

      its true but times now is the worst of the lot.they show less news and more of tam centric reporting.ndtv and cnn ibn showed much restraint while reporting on pakistan and china. CTN is also against the new indian mindset that feeds this irresponsible journalism.

  2. D says:

    I would consider myself a liberated soul,having worked in timesnow for 4 years. True,TN does sensationalize news. When they hear the name Pakistan & china ,the temparature rises. Any irrelevant extraneous or impertinent news is blown up to a proportion that would baffle viewers to an extend that they would switch to other channels to see if it’s actually happening.But no. On CNN-IBN you have a lovely heart-soaking story of a differently-abled girl who fought her odds to become an artist while NDTV is still on Gadget-Guru. TN survives on the decade old Anti pakistan/China sentiments. Infact,as my friend who is still a (Depressed) reporter in TN said,if anything is to really happen between India and Pakistan,just would not believe until they watch it on other channels.Timesnow,on the other hand will only say ‘we told you so!!’. Kudos to TN team in their live coverage of the Mumbai Carnage,an outstanding feat of journalistic energy. Terrorist attacks were reported,analysed and condemned in a befitting manner that would raise empathy to the people who were affected and erase any bit of sympathy for people behind these outrageous and heinous attacks,whatever their motive may be. TN got a huge Nitro boost for its coverage post 26/11. The ratings reached a mature height and persisted. Post 26/11, arrogance is seen in any news item. In TN the watchful eyes called media has become an X-ray machine from which nothing escapes. The tone in which the voice over molds someone a villain or a ‘GOD’ is unique in this channel. I haven’t watched TN for 3 months ever since I quit that channel,but in my ears there are reverberations, of ‘GOSPEL TRUTH’,of those jarring music and voice over in a news story which TN,ONLY TN,is sure of.

    1. kir4189 says:

      thank you for the comment . i salute you for your decision for quitting times now . i was glued to times now during the mumbai attacks , my father who barely watched any other news channel than the Malayalam ones was very much impressed by your coverage ,my mom used to skip Malayalam soaps on asianet to watch times now. then during the election coverage i as a viewer started noticing the arrogance in the news readers( read arnab) where he was trying to sabotage the views antagonistic to his own. then the whole china episode which was so blown out of proportion made me to replace times now with ndtv as my english channel of choice. thanks again for your comment that too on a blog that is barely a month old.

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