valluvanad was one of the early administrative divisions of the Chera kingdom.It once stretched from the Arabian sea to the attapadi hills and from nila up to melattur.The area passed through various hands including Samuthiri and Tippu sultan,intermingled with years of self-rule. Under the British most of the region came under valluvanad taluk of Madras state.Post independence and with the subsequent creation of the Malappuram district the region was split up among the Palakkad,Malappuram and Thrissur districts.

A new district of valluvanad could be carved out of these district owing to the following reasons:

1 The immense size of palakkad district.To get to palakkad one has to travel nearly 70km from the western most parts of the Pattambi taluk.

2 Malappuram district is the most populated one in the state with 4 million people residing there.

3 cultural similarity of Ottapalam,Pattambi,Perinthalmanna and Mannarkkad taluks and their differences with the rest of palakkad district.

4 The old ottapalam taluk in itself had a population higher than wayanad district,and the interesting fact is that nearly 40% of palakkad district resides there . But this region is far away from the district hq and most of the people depend on Thrissur , which is nearer.

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The proposed district of valluvanad should consist of  – ottapalam,perinthalmanna and mannarkkad taluks, together with parts of Thalapally taluk of Thrissur and parts of Ponnani taluk. The proposed district would have a population of over 20 lakhs and will be financially viable as the region has many important towns like

ottapalam(pop 50,000)

shornur(pop 45,000)


mannarkad(pop 44,000)

cherpulassery(pop 30,000)

pattambi(pop 24,000)

Which are all muncipalities

The district headquarters could be either at Perinthalmanna or Ottapalam .Though Ottapalam has better infrastructure including a kendriya vidyalaya ,central government institutions and a railway station Perinthalmanna eclipses it by its sheer size.

The mannarkkad taluk must be partitioned so that attapady region remains with the palakkad district and the subsequent creation of an attapadi taluk, could bring development to the tribal region.The border regions of Thalapally taluk like Thiruvilluwamala and Cheruthuruthy  due to their cultural affliction to the adjacent areas of Valluvanad.

The bifurcation of Malappuram and Palakkad districts is the only way forward as malappuram’s population explodes and palakkad remains far away from its more populous areas.


  1. Vinu says:

    On the contrary, parts of Palakkad district, Pattambi—–thrithala—-koottanad—–Peringode——-Chalissery, should be merged with Thrissur District. These regions show more cultural affinity with Thrissur than with, let’s say Mannarkkad.

    1. kir4189 says:

      thanx for ur comment. the regions u mentioned above were under british malabar and nevr been under erstwhile kochi state , so the similarities are just superficial due to the proximity of these places to kunnamkulam or trissur. but if u probe deeper the values , the culture , tradition and the language are more or less homogenous from chalissery to mannarkad.

  2. KK says:

    I totally agree with the suggestion to form a new valluvanad district with Ottapalam as its head quarters. In fact in the period 1900-1930 Ottapalam was considered an importat town of kerala and lost its glory thanks to lack of development to the region. With the proposed IT park coming up in Ottapalam, creation of a new district will be more than viable financially and also help the surrounding areas develop rapidly in this age of gloabalisation

  3. shanid says:

    Good move
    The hospital city Perinthalmanna [upcoming Aligarh University] will be the right place for district headquarters

  4. muhammed ashique says:

    i think PERINTHALMANNA which is a fast growing town, is most appropriate for the headquarters of VALLUVANADU district, it is going to come aligad off campus in PERINTHALMANNA

    1. rathish says:

      perinthalmanna not in valluvanad area..! please avoid stupidities

      1. arun says:

        Angadippuram along with Perinthalmanna was the capital of valluvanad…..then how it become stupidity.
        I think “perinthalmanna not in valluvanad area” as you said is real stupidity

      2. Mr Ratheesh! Please read basic history at least once before making such a stupid argument. Angadippuram(Suburb of Perinthalmanna) was the capital of ancient Valluvanaad.
        Perinthalmanna was the capital of erstwhile Valluvanad Taluk during British rule.
        So please at least read history once!

  5. Vinu says:

    Vinu :I am sorry for the belated reply. I beg to differ with atleast a few of your assumptions. There is no denying that the areas that you mentioned were part of south malabar, but so was Guruvayur whence I hail. And I can asssure you that we have more in common Thrissur district than with, let’s say Ottappalam – cultural or whatever. The same goes with Chalissery / Peringode. I can’t claim the same about areas east of Koottanad as I have very little personal knowledge about the detais.
    Political borders, I do not think, have made that much of an impact on the culture / language of a place as proximity did, atleast in Kerala. For example, The people of Thiruvilwamala are linguistically similar to those at Ottappalam irrespective of the fact that the former used to be part of Kingdom of Cochin.
    I am sorry, the second point again sees to be not entirely correct. Even the so called Valluvanad languge is not homogenous. The tone (accent) of the language that is being used in Perinthalmanna is quite different from what is spoken at Ottappalam, which again differs from the one employed by those at Chalissery.
    I have arrived at these conclusions from interactions with people from the aforementioned areas who I have had the privilege of mingling at college / work place / my hometown etc.

  6. vaipur says:

    Hi Dears,

    Thanks for atleast airing this suggestion. Normally, we people don’t ask for any thing. If it comes, ok. Otherwise also, OK.!!!!.We seldom makes noise, especially when somebody takes away some existing priveleges, thats all. That too under compulsion. That is the typical Valluvanadan’s ( And Palakkadan’s too ) attitude towards development.

    Again, THANKS A LOT for bringing this topic for dicussion. Wishing all the best . Hope, our leaders will take it up one day..

    VBS Guptan

    1. bloggerk says:

      thank you sir for your comment . its very unfortunate we delve mostly in the past.i have heard many elders say shornur was or ottapalam was this or that “those days”. what about now? .valluvanad is one of the infra structurally blessed regions of the state ,which had an early , remarkable start as far as industries are concerned. but around the 70s most of them closed down. its true that the prevalent political ideology at that time had a big role to play in that , most of these industries never really revived after liberalisation. agriculture also had the same fate.
      tourism which was taunted as the next big thing never touched this culturally rich region. our present state is pathetic , being one of the most backward regions of the state and as u rightly said nobody really cares. lets hope that this changes.

  7. muhammed mushfiqe says:

    I think the mannarkkad will be a suitable place for district head quarters of valluvanad district
    Becouse mannarkkad is one of the fast devoloping town in kerala and mannarkkad is the largest taluk in kerala

  8. shabeer says:

    stupid idea.Perinthalmannna never add to any should be in MALAPPURAM.

    need Alathur District with its area its loksabha con.. area.Because this place not actually
    in malabar

  9. shabeer says:

    Stupid idea.Perinthalmanna never add to any district it should be in malappuram Dt.
    Need Ponnani District which condain ponnani,Tirur,And some part of tirurangadi taluk.
    in case of palakkad district need Alathur district which is actually not in MALABAR.
    Palakkad district condain palakkad loksabha cons. Area

  10. Nazeer says:

    Yes. Valluvanadu district is a dream of the people in publisher said region for years .So govt has to take needful with immediate effect. Cherpulassery may select as district capital. Because this zone is centre of valluvanadu.

    1. Suni says:

      Yes, Palakkad should be divided and new Ottappalam district should be formed with Ottappalam as head quarters. The geographical area of the new district will be current Ottappalam sub district and Chelakkara constituency in Thrissur district. For this, first form Pattambi taluk. Then add Chelakkara constituency to ottappalam taluk. No need of adding Perinthalamanna to new district, as Perinthalmanna is just 20Km away from Malappauram. Constituencies of the ottappalm districts will be Thrithala, Pattambi, Shoranur, Ottappalam, Mannarkkad and Chelakkara. I think the population and constituencies will be enough to form a district. People of all parts of this new district can reach Ottappalam head quarters easily. All towns in the new district are reachable within 40 km from Ottappalam. This will be good for Chelakkara people also as they are now well connected with Ottappalam (culturally and geographically they are already part of Ottappalm). As Nazeer said, Cherpulassery is centre of this district. But Ottapalam has better infrastructure than any other towns of the proposed district.

  11. jithin says:

    alathur district is the better option.the district consiats alathur,chittur, kollengode,tarur, chelakkara,vadakkamcheri and kunnamkulam.because this area belongs to the great cochin kingdom

  12. jithin says:

    palakkad is the soviet union of kerala.the rice bowl and second largest industrial area after cochin.don’t break the district on cultural the case of mannarkkad it is fully not valluvanad .large areas are going to eranad. .valluvanadan culture is the part of palakkad.because palakkad is famous outside and inside kerala on their culture,music,,philosaphy and revelution.

    1. Suni says:

      alathur ,chittur or chelakkara was not a part of cochin in erarlier days. it was part of nedumpurayur nadu(palakkad). Valluvand’s capital is Angadippuram. valluvanad’s culture is not palakkadan. mananrkakd is not a part of eranad. eranad is areas like manjeri, nilambur, kondotty etc. every body knows that all areas of current palakkad district have cultural similarities. but we should note that one person from anakkara shoud travel 80kms to reach district head quarters. it is very bad.

  13. ummer pi says:

    TIRUR DISTRICT needed which includes tirurangadi,tirur,ponnani,and pattambi taluk

    1. Suni says:

      never. pattambi or any part of palakkad district will not join with tirur district

  14. akbarali says:

    ഒറ്റപ്പാലം പട്ടാമ്പി പെരിന്തൽമണ്ണ തിരൂര് പൊന്നാനി എന്നീ താലൂക്കുക്കൾ ചേർന്നു വള്ളുവനാട് ജില്ല വേണം

    1. Varier PRS says:

      A new district with Ottappalam as Head quarters. no need of any part of malappuram district in it . Add Chelekkara constituency to it. Thirur district can be formed with out adding any parts of palakkad district. Ie it can be formed with thirur, thirurangadi and ponnani taluks.

    2. Aadarshanand says:

      Tirurum ponnaniyum valluvanaadil pedille enna samshayam.ente manasilum undaayi .Thaankalude abhoprayathod njaan yojikkunnu..

  15. zainulhusiar says:

    ponnani district venum ..ponnani taluk.tiru taluk,pattambi taluk,chavakkad and

    taluktirurangadi taluk

    1. Suni says:

      Make ponnani/thirur district. but Don’t attach pattambi or any part of Palakkad to it

  16. Satish says:

    Palakkad is presently the biggest district of Kerala and it needs to be divided so that those in western part of the district need not go all the way to Palakkad. A district can be formed with Ottapalam or Shoranur as its headquarters. Shoranur has railway junction which is an added advantage over Ottapalm. There are now some movement on forming Muvattupuzha and Tirur districts and this is the most apt time to form a district with Ottapalam or Shoranur as its headquarters. Let us not urgue over the border of the proposed district which will make the Government to go back on the proposal. Let experts decide the border. The most important fact is that if we miss this opportunity to form the new district along with Muvattupuzha and Tirur districts we will never get the district. So let us not argue over the border and make efforts like making news coverage for the needs of the new district through newspapers and TV, making representations to Government, calling attention processions, hartal etc. All the political parties in and around Ottapalam should also make the neccessary noise for the new district. If not the district will never come. The biggest drawback for Ottapalam is the there is no political godfather for Ottapalam whether it is Congress or CPM, the two big parties of Kerala. So the poeople of Ottapalam should rise up for the new district.

  17. subhash says:

    Shoranur is a small twon doenot deserve for municiplaity also 🙂

  18. subhash says:

    Perithalmanna is big town and should be the capital of valluvanad. district.It will be right decision

  19. Harikrishnan says:

    പെരിന്തൽമണ്ണയോ അങ്ങാടിപ്പുറമോ ഉൾക്കൊള്ളാതെ ഒരിക്കലും വള്ളുവനാട്‌ ജില്ല പൂർത്തിയാകില്ല… വള്ളുവനാടിന്റെ തലസ്ഥാന നഗരിയെ ഒഴിവാക്കി എങ്ങനെ ജില്ല രൂപീകരണം സാധ്യമാകും ? പലരുടെയും കമന്റ്‌ കണ്ടാൽ തോന്നും മലപ്പുറം ജില്ലയുടെ വള്ളുവനാടൻ പ്രദേശങ്ങൾ കൂട്ടി ചേർക്കുന്നത്‌ എന്തോ അപരാധമാണെന്ന്…. ഒന്നുകൂടി പറയട്ടെ വള്ളുവനാട്‌ ജില്ല രൂപീകൃതമാകുകയാണെങ്കിൽ അതിൽ പെരിന്തൽമണ്ണ ഉണ്ടാകും… ഒരു പക്ഷേ ജില്ലാ ആസ്ഥാനവും പെരിന്തൽമണ്ണയാകും… ജില്ല രൂപീകരണത്തിന്റെ ആദ്യപടിയായി കരുതപ്പെടുന്ന വള്ളുവനാട്‌ വികസന അതോറിറ്റി പെരിന്തൽമണ്ണ ആസ്ഥാനമായാണു പ്രവർത്തനം ആരംഭിച്ചത്‌ എന്നുകൂടി ഓർക്കണം

    1. sunil kumar says:

      how can we make 2 district head qtrs in 20 km distance ? . one more thing, western parts of present palakkad district was not a part of earlier walluvanad kingdom. It is Nedunganad. It was British men who formed valluvand taluk. First under stand the history and then comment. there is no part of palakkad district in walluvanad development authority.

  20. deepak says:

    Mannarkkad,perinthalmanna,and ottappalam ,pattambi taluks should be in new valluvanad district.perinthalmanna can not be the district headquarters because its less than 20 kms to malappuram district head quarters .I think the apt place for district head quarters is mannarkkad its 42 kms from palakkad district headquarters and 44 km from malapuram district headquarters .it will helps for the development of tribal area too.and the the distance from mannarkkad to the other towns in valluvand district are 24 km to cherpulassery,25kms to perinthalmanna,30 kilometers to ottapalam.
    The municipalities in the district will be

  21. sreekanth k says:

    tirur district should be formed with tirur,tirurangadi and ponnani talks of malappuram districts and thrithala constituency of palakkad district

    1. sreekanth k says:

      or tirur district should be formed with tirur,ottapalam,perinthalmanna,ponnani ataluks And part of mannarkkad taluk

  22. Nishad yox says:

    Mannarkkad is better for head quarters

    Bcoz of better for interstate and other conditions

    Best mucipalty according all services

    These is all about my opinion
    And these will be others
    So mannarkkad

  23. Anoop Mohan says:

    I am from Palakkad town, Gateway of Kerala. And yes, I am in favor of Valluvanad district formation. Infact I am looking forward to it. Like somebody already pointed out, this is the right time for partition, along with formation of Muvattupuzha district and Tirur if at all.

    In my personal opinion the Palakkad district need only Palakkad, Alattur and Chittur Taluks. These Taluks are culturally, historically, geographically and linguistically more similar. There is no use of being the largest district of Kerala, absolutely useless. I am more concerned with the development and progress of Palakkad. I don’t need to worry about what will happen to Valluvanad district. It’s upto the Kerala government and people of Valluvanad to make the right decision. In some areas of erstwhile Valluvanad, especially malappuram district, people may not want to join Valluvanad district.

    Anyway I am sure Palakkad can do a lot better WITH good highways that connect us to Thrissur and Coimbatore, Industrial area of Kanjikkode, Malampuzha Dam, IIT, Good schools and Colleges and WITHOUT Valluvanad.

    IMHO Ottapalam is the most ideal candidate for capital of proposed Valluvanad district. The upcoming Defence Park (Central Government) will further add to the growth of Ottapalam and no doubt Ottapalam will be the largest municipality of Valluvanad.

    And Valluvanadans, Please don’t try to be over smart by hoping to leave Attapadi regions with Palakkad. No way baby. You must take it.

    I am sure Valluvanad district formation will help the Valluvand regions and Palakkad will benefit more. Palakkad can be better managed, developed with the 3 Taluks of Palakkad, Alattur and Chittur.

    Eventually, I think the Taluk borders are going to be redrawn, before creation of new districts, to accommodate opinion of locals and growth perspectives.

    1. Sunil says:

      3 taluks for palakkad and 3 for new district. It is the best way for dividing the big district. I am a native of Chelakkara constituency and have the opinion that places under chelakkara constituency (cheruthuruthy, chelakkara, pazhayannur etc) also should be added to this new district as we are culturally and historically more connected to ottappalam than thrissur.

  24. Aashiq Ottapalam says:

    Ottapalam Is The Major Town in Palakkad District After Palakkad City…The Second Most Populous Town Is Also Ottapalam. And It is also Listed In The TOP 18 URBAN Areas In Kerala where Mannarkkad Or Shoranur Or Pattambi Or Perinthalmanna Is Not Listed. The Establishment of Indias first Defence Park,second Kinfra Park In Town,Film City etc Added The Value Of Ottapalam Is 44 km away from District Headquaters And having Small Towns around near it in 20 Kms Ottapalam District Should Be considered As A new One.

  25. SYED ALI says:

    I am a native of mankada where the descendants of the earlier rulers of valluvanad live.Even it is so this region-mankada and perintalmanna- is culturally more attached to Malappuram district and not to ottappalam or mannarkad areas, In fact it is the Malappuram district which is to be bifurcated in to malappuram and tirur districts .I am not against the formation of valluanad district from within Palakkad district.

  26. abcd says:

    first of all..i want to say that ottapalam is not a part of valluvanad,its a part of Nedunganad.then angadipuram is the head of early days shornur is the most major city of valluvanad.the gate way to i think shornur,perinthalmana or angadipuram want to be the heads.dont forget history.the true fact is ottapalam has no history in valluvanad.

  27. Aaahiq says:

    What A stupid Things Are You Talking??????
    Considering The Cultural and Language system none other place Than Ottapalam stands along with Valluvanad…But As you says the capital of valluvanad was Angadipuram or can say PMNA…but the truth is that now those capitals had grew up with Malappuram…and entirely goes all its elements with what is it in Malappuram..
    Currently Perinthalmanna is one of the fastest growing Town in Kerala.. And it has all the strength to build up a HQ…but What i said is
    If Ottapalam became HQ the Town will get a xtream Boom in its infrastructure and development structure…. Ithrem scope ulla place aayit poolum avide aavashyathin developments vannittilla..still pmna can grew up better even without A HQ rank….just think .we need to build newer and better cities….or let it be any thing…the important things is WHAT CAN WE DO TO BRING OUR NEEDS IN FRONT IF OUR GOVERNMENT MOREOVER IN FRONT OF PUBLIC!!!!!!!

  28. Sreeprakash Ottapalam says:


  29. Hadhi says:

    Palakkad is already a weak district and dividing it would only make it weaker. We Palakkadians must stay united and voice our resentment against the state government who has been ignoring us ever since. The Palakkad-Ottappalam-Thrissur route should be upgraded as a national highway. What we mostly need is a good connectivity of all the major towns in the district. The people of Valluvanad happen to be depending more on the neighbouring districts like Thrissur and Malappuram. This situation should change. All the towns of Valluvanad should be made significant and self-sufficient. Creating a new district is totally unnecessary. It would only weaken the bonds between the folks of Palakkad district.

    1. bloggerk says:

      Thank you for your valuable opinion. Palakkad is a very large sparsely populated district. So developing valluvanadan towns of Palakkad will have its own limitations. Ottapalam Thrissur road is already a well developed corridor , But there are regions to the interior of Ottapalam,pattambi and Mannarkad Taluks which need special focus. A smaller district could be managed better whether it be Palakkad minus Valluvanad or the newly created Valluvanad.

    2. Akmal Hashim.K says:

      Not only Palakkad, Malappuram also faces an overall backwardness by state governments. We have only Calicut airport and Calicut university. Creating a new district by taking parts of Palakkad and Malappuram would be beneficial to both of the districts. The funds of central government are given by considering the number of district. Now Palakkad is the largest district and Malappuram is the third-largest in terms of area. In terms of population, Malappuram is largest in Kerala and Palakkad is one of the most populated districts (in the first seven).
      So Valluvanad district would be beneficial to two of the backward districts of Kerala (due to large size), i.e, Palakkad and Malappuram.

      1. bloggerk says:

        Thank you for the opinion. Over the 5 years since I wrote this piece I came to realise that communal factors weigh in more than practicality and reason as far as district formation is concerned. If the old Valluvanadan areas were united the communal equation will be more like the rest of Kerala with a slight Hindu Majority. This would be resented by many in Perinthalmanna region ( as seen from some comments above which talks about the regions affinity to Malappuram) and Ottapalam region ( which sees itself as the guardians of the old Nair – Namboodiri traditions). Hence the possibility of a Valluvanad district is bleak.

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