Cherpulassery could be the most common search term directed towards my blog. I was surprised to see the netizen’s interest about my birth place , that too not about the cultural history or the heritage of the place but to know about the Modern Cherpulassery . For them i would like to share the things I know about the ‘present day Cherpulassery’

I pass through Cherpulassery twice a day for six times a week, each time i pass the town would have grown by a metre vertically or horizontally. that is the pace with which the town develops . During my childhood cherpulassery was what the “moonumkudiyodam” , a junction where Palakkad,Pattambi and Ottapalam roads met , with a few grocery shops, sleepy tea stalls , two movie theaters “Anand ” and “Devi” , The government hospital and the Sankar hospital . Today  Cherpulassery extends from Ayyapankavu to Puthanalkal and beyond, a  nearly 3 km stretch in the East – West direction . The town is also expanding to the Ottapalam road, AKG road, EMS road and The High school road. the centre of focus now is the bus stand .

Cherpulassery is known for two temples – The Ayyapan Kavu and Puthanalkavu. Ayyapankavu is often referred to as the Sabarimala of Malabar . The Ettam (eight) Vilakku festival at the temple is well known and usually attaracts pilgrims from across the region. Puthanalkkal Devi temple is known for the kalavela and pooram that takes place every year at a huge scale which could not be comparable with any other in the region. The interesting fact about Puthanalkkal is the fact that the center of worship here is the Aal or the Banyan tree. The region around Cherpulassery probably has the highest concentration of Brahmin Illoms especially around Ayyapankavu. They used to be a regular feature of Malayalam movies in the 90s , when the stories were set in Valluvanadan heartland.

Cherpulassery is well connected by road to all the major towns in valluvanad. Shornur Junction is the nearest major station (17 kms) and Calicut International airport is the nearest airport.

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Presently it is a Muncipality with population of 30,000 , but it caters to the needs of nearly 250,000 people of nearby villages making it a bustling commercial center . The Cherpulassery police station is at Kacherikunnu (where the British court was located) on Perinthalmanna road .There is a Govt higher secondary school (one of the oldest in the region where  Mahatma Gandhi is said to have visited) . There is a Govt hospital at the hospital junction and many private hospitals including an upcoming medical college.



  1. Jayan says:

    Quite well written… !
    Suggest you add a couple of lines about the fact that this town is also becoming the centre of Temple tourism in North Kerala. It has 3 beautiful temples now i.e Ayyappan Kavu, Puthanalkal Bhagavathyy and the Shivan temple.
    These temples now seem to be edging out the commercial activity that formerly belonged to “Moonumkudiyodam”

  2. nazeer says:

    quite ok. But cherpulassery lack some basic needs. Such as standard road connecting nearby town .and also need more long distance ksrtc bus service especially in night. Via pattambi. Koppam.shoranur, ottapalam. Kayiliad.

  3. T.M.Sankaran says:

    Remembering Cherpulassery always brings back the childhood days. Kavuvattam, Ayyappankavu, the ponds, High school, everything comes to mind. Spent more than five years there. Can never forget the friends there.

  4. T.M.Sankaran says:

    Recently I met Sri. Cherpulassery Sivan, the maestro of ‘Maddalam’. We were childhood friends and used to play at the east Nada of Ayyappankavu. We talked about several things common to both.

  5. pk janardhan says:

    there is mention of cherpulasseri in the travalogues of Francis Buchanan and there is a brief description of the village. can any history loving valluvanadan throw light on the number of namburidi illams in the vicinity of cherpulasseri, like nellaya, mundakottukurssi, chalavara, etc. and why and how they left their illams. Could it be that at the first onslaught by hyder, they left all their belongings and left for south kerala. i believe, every temple (bhagavathy temple) in valluvanad was once the kuladevi pratishta of the illams,. any takers?

    1. bloggerk says:

      thank you for your comment . there are quiet a few illams still remaining in the region , famous being the pathirikunnathu mana at mundakkottukurussi. to my knowledge though hyder ali and tippu sultan passed through the area . the onslaught was not that severe , ascribed by the huge hindu population in all these places , especially the nair tharavads that dot the area . you may be aware of the fact that hyder and tippu both attacked nairs more severely due to them being a martial race . about the bhagavathy temples this is also an assumption as you may be knowing , that the regions culture owes much to the bhagavathy cult , the kalavellas , which are the main festival in these temples are mainly agrarian in nature . so every temple being an attache of an illam is far fetched . if at all that was the case the demographics of the region must have had more brahmins that the all kerala average of less than 1% , which seems not to be the case.

  6. T.M.Sankaran says:

    It is learned that certain renovation works are going on in the Ayyappankavu. Perhaps it might be over by this time. Wish I could come over there soon.

  7. dadster says:

    Well written .Butcould any one give the History of Govt.Hospital ,Cherupulassery giving ts start date and prresent available facilities and services please?

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