most cities in india dream of one day becoming “Shanghai” – the heart of chinese economic miracle. they all dream of a future where skyscrappers and expressways will replace slums and gutters. it’s not what we palakkad-an’s dream of , we just want to be the next malappuram the fast developing Shanghai to the north .

why is our district the most backward ?. is having a 70 hindu population the reason? or is it that we are supposed to be always the picture perfect valluvanadan villages for the mollywood? what ever the reason , we the people of the district are the only ones to be blamed.

yes i am envious of malappuram , envious of the pace at which they have rushed past the economic stagnation of the 80s , envious of the kind of leaders they elect and the say they have on the way the state is run. the infrastructure development is astonishing, almost all the major roads are rubberized and broad , they have some of the best hospitals in the state , shopping malls and hangouts are world class . you have MLA s fighting to better the achievements of their predecessors , ministers promising medical colleges , political parties fighting for the ‘right number’ of ministers. wow…

your neighbour to the south , us , we are proud of being the largest district( by area) , for being the hottest region and many other trivial stuff , and ya for being the most illiterate district and the one with the worst sslc results. our leaders don’t care and we care less, hence we elect anyone who runs on the “party ” ticket . green or white we will always vote red , hence we shornurites voted a lady whose track record as sreekrishnapuram MLA was shameful with huge majority . yes it is true that we don’t have the “vote bank” or the gulf ” black money” but at least we could elect someone capable , can’t we? . iam not a communist hater or a congressman , i still believe that the best MLA kerala has ever seen is mr v.sasikumar of perinthalmanna , but the cpm in our district always field weak candidates , congress is no exception but mr c.p mohammed of pattambi is a clear exception.

the infrastructure in the district is dismal , we are in dire need of a good hospital ,the two major railway stations urgently need a face lift . education sector needs critical attention , we cannot afford to be the worst in this knowledge era . protests wont work , actions needs to be taken , if not we will always remain the laughing stock of kerala.

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  1. Krishan Kumar says:

    This is a well written and well thought about article. In our system it is only those who really fight get governmental support on infrastructure and investments. Imagine the strides the district of Malappuram has taken since the it was formed! All and sundry towns in Malappuram is having KSRTC bus stations and other governmental investments. Hailing from Ottapalam i was comparing the other day the development in Perinthalmanna and that in Ottapalam. During my childhood before the formation of Malappuram district Ottapalam was the main town in the entire region and compare Ottapalam today to Perinthalmanna you will get an answer to the article above. It is high time the huge district of Palakkad is split making Ottapalam as the head quarter of the new district with parts of Trichur district, Malappuram district and the whole of Ottapalam Taluk forming part of the same. With the Mayannur brdige in place people of the backward areas rely on Ottapalam and a distrct staus will help develop this region. But then there is none to make it happen nor even cry for the same. In 1971 a sub depot of KSRTC was to come in Ottapalam and even today it is a dream!

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