THE HINDU have been a regular part of my life for almost 11 years .i still remember the first copy that my dad brought for me at shornur bus stand , at the time when the afghan invasion was at its peak. the news paper have made me open up to a new world outside the chauvinistic malayali universe of manorama , the editorials are the masterpiece and my vocabulary  on the blog is mostly thanks to its articulate use of words. the impartial take on most issues have always been its forte , even ready to take on the king of frauds – sharad pawar  . the  things i always resented were the leftist and tamil propaganda  it dishes out. the sheer weightage  it gives to the ramblings of the CPM , MDMK and CPI , which are all but minor players at the national level at the expense of the more popular parties is a dichotomy to its egalitarian stand. this leftist stance was all but visible in the articles it published on the anniversary of the 1962 war , they were pro chinese to the extent that some of them solely blamed nehru for its outbreak . the pro tamil agenda and the open opposition of srilankan president mahinda rajapakshe and his efforts to reunite the war torn country is unwarranted , even though the final days of military action were unjust from a civilian point of view.

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the left leaning publications of the group have never really gotten over the fact that the red bloc have fallen decades ago and the largest communist state is more capitalist than ours . the nostalgic tone with which it pays tribute to the  soviet era is all but evident from the fervent with which it bashes the “imperialistic” united states   .  the Beijing bureau headed by the scion of the group irritates you the most with the chinese national anthem he renders on a daily basis ,  yes china is the future , we all must recognize that bitter fact , but it must not be over our national interests. if you glance the articles it becomes very clear that communism is the only way out of the bourgeois parties that rule us  , this outright patronization in the form of leftist  tilt is and will remain the only black mark on the earnest initiative that is “THE HINDU”. the group must realize that being impartial doesn’t mean it has to be  anti establishment , a more just society within the folds of what we have  is what we , the people  want.



  1. Krishan Kumar says:

    I remember the impartial “THE HINDU” from the early 60’s. In fact i would first open the sports page to check the English domestic cricket scores! Those days Hindu never had any “breaking news” and always carried verified and factual reports. Since Ram took over the newspaper changed a lot, developed a left leaning too. The bofors case brought the paper to the forefront again in the early 90s. But then by that time the damage was already done. Also, the supression of some information relating to Bofors made public recently by Chitra Subramanian cast a shadow on Ram further.

    Since early 90s i live in the gulf and have long stopped reading THE HINDU. Maybe Ram was uncomfortable with the title of the Newspaper and wanted to go out of the way to prove that he was SECULAR!!!

    1. bloggerk says:

      thank you sir , what made me write this post was the front page news, today about republican party of india , which barely have any following and the news was even more trivial . on the inside page was another article which reported on vaiko’s meeting with mamta banerjee on pretext of forming a grand coalition at the centre , you should remember that MDMK have just a single lok sabha member.

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