I have always been a fan of the dooms day prophets , especially the ones who see the apocalypse in the immediate future. I had thought of it as a genuine reaction to my secular upbringing , as we never cared about a god who would return to push us off into ovens of fire. But the developments in the last few months have made me realize the real reason , its a communicable disease called “the eternal pessimism” which makes you an ardent member of the great Indian middle class.

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a middle class guy is supposed to be pessimistic it seems, especially with the political class . we take  pride in blaming the system , naming  it clumsy and worthless , without even trying to understand what the system stands for. we forget the fact that nothing called india existed 60 years back ,it was  our founding fathers who  painstakingly pieced together a democratic setup , which holds all of us with same dignity.   i have heard many praise the chinese model of governance echoed especially in print by our national newspaper , a one party state where bloggers like me would have been jailed and arnab goswami surely executed .  the real problem with the middle classes is that, taking the global que ,we want change, but don’t know what to change. at first we wanted tougher anti corruption laws , then wanted to put all the corrupt in jail and till a month ago we wanted stricter anti rape laws.  its seems to me that all we want is to shout and not resolve real issues. protests can only ignite discussions , following it up is perhaps more a democratic setup like ours that would be long , as over a billion plus voices must be heard and taken into consideration. this desire to change the whole setup overnight is absurd and blaming the system for it is plain stupidity . iam proud of what we have achieved since 1947 , our system could have crumbled in 1962 , during emergency or in 1993 , but it did not. our system is resilient and constantly adapting to face new challenges , such a juggernaut cannot change overnight but evolve over time , i wish the middle class could understands that.


  1. Krishna Kumar says:

    Middle Class in India especially in kerala have got stronger i would say. In fact vast majority of the lower middle class work hard and elevate themselves to the next tier, then build a house and marry their daughter off and return to the lower tier within the middle class! However to believe the middle class Kerala is secular in itself is foolhardy. Yes the middle class kerala of the 60s and 70s were. But since the Gulf money started flowing into the state and some political coaliations started protecting some plantation land grabbers for over 4 decades,the state has long lost its secular fabric. There is nothing unsecular to mention that today fund allocation by the state itself is based on lopsided views and vested interest. No one is interested in overall development; all of them want to keep their followers happy.
    Coming back to the blog topic i have long lost hope of our land regaining its good old fabric. I think we should narrow our focus to smaller segments for improvement and hence i want to advocate a new district for Valluvanad with headquarter at Ottapalam.

  2. Yes, it’s true that cynicism blinds the middle class so much that we keep forgetting how strong the nation is. We could withstand the recession and we aren’t even that old unlike the countries who are hundreds of years old but are facing financial problems. We as middle class needs to be more understanding and should start reflecting upon our own actions as well the system’s before taking out a morcha or a protest…

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