yesterday cnn ibn – the hindu exit pole predicted a hung parliament in 2014 . though bjp is expected to emerge the largest party , the chances of it making the government is slim. which will automatically give congress another chance at the centre which will be a catastophe. hence it is important that mr modi must win and here are some of the reasons why –mod

1. congress is too arrogant and it thinks it to be their birthright to rule this nation

2.the so called youth power in congress is nothing but a bunch of elite parachuted from the top. rahul gandhi will no doubt be the next rajiv gandhi – clueless at the top.

3.the hereditary factor – rahul will virtually turn india into the longest running monarchy in asia.

4 . for the clean image of mr modi as far as corruption goes . one more cabinet with these faces ……. never

5. mr modi is a self made man. he could be a role model for many with no family connections.

6. he is neither a brahmin nor a kshatriya which is a big relief , as this country had just a handfull of leaders from other casts.

7 its better to have on your face communalism than the shadow one that we have , with fake encounters and counter fake encounters.

as you all must have noted my main reason for supporting him is him being  anti congress and anti gandhi clan. though he have a whole lot of other darker aspects to him , i think he is a better option mr rahul gandhi.


  1. Krishna Kumar says:

    I dont understand why this sense of apology when advocating victory for Mr. Modi. Well congress has hijacked the word secularism to the extent that only what they advocate or do is within the definition of secularism. It has to be understood by all that one person alone cannot change the fabric of this country be it modi or anyone else. So why worry? the dangers in store when Modi comes to power, congress would like to have us believe is absolutely selfish. It is a bogey created to unsetlle or send shivers through the spine of minorities so as to keep modi out of center and also somehow retain power!

  2. bloggerk says:

    thank you sir , this post had been in the making for months , fear of the secular police made be hold it to myself. you are absolutely right sir , the whole system wont crumble if he comes to power , i think we have evolved as a nation over the past sixty odd years.

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