yes , i agree sachin tendulkar is good at what he does and it is indeed sad that he is retiring , But blocking the airwaves for a whole week to honor him is absurd. cricket is adored by millions in this country , but counting everyone to be a cricket fan or for that matter a sachin fan is stupidity. The cricket fanaticism is a middle class phenomena , which makes it the religion of just the half of us  There is the “other half” including myself who are taken on a not so pleasant ride by our media when a cricket becomes the prime topic of discussion .  As happened last week we were  either made to watch the “news” or watch a general entertainment channel on such days . After a few shows I opted for bigg boss at 9.

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The Sachin fans are a crazy lot especially when it comes to their god , post retirement wanted nothing short of a Bharat Ratna to be awarded to him , Bestowing  India’s highest civilian honor for some one who sported controversy for refusing to carry the national flag was a surprise .  Sachin’s contribution to the development of our society is equal to nothing and if we take into account the exorbitant amounts he charge for commercials , he is actually draining us . On taking such an important decision the government never cared to look at the list of many other deserving candidates , which includes social activists who did selfless to our society . Frankly  sachin doesn’t deserve a bharat ratna for anything that he had done till date , If popularity is the basis for this honour , then actors   Amitabh  Bacchan and Rajnikanth deserves it more , especially for the quantum of work they did in the last 30 years. Sachin tendulkar as a cricketer was pathetic on the field when  the Indian team needed him the most and what he is recognized for in the cricket world  is purely for his personal achievements . This decision which the government have taken in haste have yet again tarnished its image among the public  , especially, the other half who were reduced to mute spectators in this whole saga ,