With the people unanimously going against their daily dose of left wing ideological classes , THE HINDU touched new lows yesterday when it published a graphic representation of how CPI(M) could have fared better if our founding fathers had opted for proportional representation. If my history lessons are correct it was on the insistence of the left leaning intelligentsia at the time of independence that the system we have today was adopted and it was under the guidance of Pandit Nehru it blossomed.  what made Mr Ram and his colleagues to question our system all of a sudden? was it the emphatic win of  the BJP? or the decimation of the left ?? As a regular subscriber of the daily the second one seems to be the reason . The need for an electoral reform was first mooted on the may 16th by Mr D Raja of the CPI on NDTV which , the moderated Prannoy Roy brushed aside casually .Ironically it was discussed at great lengths the next few days in the “National newspaper”. The reports were overflowing with “expert opinions” made by the guardian angels of our democracy –  the “intelligentsia”  for the “much needed ” change as they were finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that the CPI was no longer a national party and was on the verge of losing their coveted party symbol .  “THE HINDU” , which left no stones unturned in berating the right , often equating Modi to Hitler , was seen going into a tizzy after may 16th , Not a single article was published appreciating the victorious team while the editorials were dedicated to the “QUEENS WITHOUT THRONES”  – J Jayalalitha and Mamta banerjee , The next day they went a step further by advising Mr  Modi on “how to rule” and published the much controversial article by Mr Gopal Krishna Gandhi.Prejudices it seem run too long in this family held newspaper , It took them 6 days to come to terms with what happened and they indirectly appreciated BJP’s achievements on the OP-ED page on 22/5/14 (today).

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My dad says that “THE HINDU” was actually the “national newspaper” in his college days, I too remember good impartial articles in the past , but the last two years was when it became the mouthpiece of the left . We know left is a dwindling species in India and their voices need to be preserved for a functioning democracy , but being a mouthpiece for them and calling yourself a “national newspaper” is sarcastic. There is a huge space for a national newspaper that gives unbiased and relevant news , which is what is expected from “THE HINDU” . There is going to be an upsurge of the right after the elections , we readers expect Hindu  to be neutral in such a situation . Hence the news paper must  shed its leftist approach and bring us stories which reinforce your  tag of  being “THE NATIONAL NEWSPAPER”.

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CPI(M) lost because of its inability to adapt with changing times and be fossilized in the 60s , how else can you describe a party chief who is a malayali speaking in English at Ottapalam (his home district) using a translator , Mr Karat , its time you admit the fact that you are just an intellectual and not a mass leader. coming to malayalees speaking English even Shashi Tharoor speaks fluent malayalam these days ( may be that is why he won).

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  1. Krishna Kumar says:

    As a child growing up in Ottapalam in the 60s, my day started with reading Hindu first thing in the morning after coffee. We brothers would share pages to finish our first round with the newspaper before father emerged to the living room with his “lotta” of coffee. We were subscribing to both Hindu and Mathrubhumi at home. The Hindu newspaper was full 24 pages of news – both national and international. Not much of inconsequential local news like what you see now. After school and evening cricket, again i would get to lay my hand on the newspaper for a more rigorous reading in the evening. It was indeed a national newspaper. But alas! Today, it is in pathetic state of news reporting! When my father (all of 88 years, with over 75 years of Hindu reading addiction) says that he is unable to stop buying Hindu nevertheless over the past few years has not been reading it with fervor like before, the depth to which the newspaper has fallen would be evident to you. I moved out of India in early 90s but with the advent of online editions of all leading newspapers tried to relive my childhood by surfing Hindu. That was long back and it was only for a week or so before i got disillusioned and quit reading “The RAM” ( I can’t call it “The Hindu” for fear that Rangachari one of the original owners or Subramania Iyer the first editor may emerge from heaven as Ghosts to slap me….)

    Ram single handedly has decimated the reporting standards the newspaper stood for. During those days if a news item appeared in the Hindu it was 100% true. Never ever a gossip or a wishful news report got space in the newspaper. Ram entered Kasturi & Sons with a bang and followed by a success story of sportstar and frontline! The decline started very soon with him and his British wife getting to play a larger role in the paper. He fought with his family also later and single handedly pioneered to make the newspaper an English version of Deshabhimani!

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