iam extremely delighted to announce that valluvanad times just had an “encounter of the third kind” . we were contacted by an inter galactic organization which calls it self ADAS with its headquarters on planet Uranus.the message sent to us talks about an active ADAS cell on planet earth which was contacted  regularly till 1976 , the cell being at Kuravilangad Devamatha college , Kottayam. it is also known that there was an intra organizational upheaval at its headquarters which temporarily disrupted the functioning. i was able only to decode the message partially , it is requested of the alumni of the Devamata college ( 1974 – 1977 batch) to contact valluvanad times to help decipher the message in whole.


iam a great fan of conspiracy theories , hence the latest mystery , the north indian blackout story made me think the various reasons why exactly the blackout occurred ? . the peak of the indian summer is behind us and the monsoon though deficient has set in , the heat wave have subsided and the temperature have settled in early 30s ( though humidity is high … we indians are used to that aren’t we? ). so the extra power consumption for air conditioning doesnt seem like a reasonable explanation.the other reason given is the irrigation one which blames the farmers of punjab , haryana and western uttar pradesh , who supposedly took  more than their share to irrigate the farms due to the failing monsoon , but here  most commentators overlook the fact that northwestern india is the region which is least dependent on monsoon rains.  owing to these iam putting forward a few conspiracy theories , some may be silly but others are points to ponder. .

1 LARGE SCALE PRIVATIZATION – since 1990s the main aim of the governments at the centre is to get out of all the profitable corporations and retain the cash cows ( like air india ) . they call it liberalisation. making every aspect of indian life to be dictated by market forces. like, if you wish to travel from thrissur to kodakara or chalakudy the one way ticket on NH 213 will cost you rs 55 , which goes to the BOT firm .its the same with every other sector . so if the large scale  privatisation of the power production and distribution ( which is now limited to pockets like mumbai ) occur, it is a win win situation for the government and the tatas or ambanis.so for the privatisation to happen there must be a contingency of this scale.

2 TO GET ENVIRONMENT CLEARANCE – many hydro electric power projects are caught under the red tape of the environment ministry , so is the case with coal mines . a mass outrage can push these files more easily out of the ministry , giving the nod to fill himalayan valleys with flood water and giving ammunition to the maiosts in central india with proliferating coal mines.

3 NUCLEAR POWER – we all know the resistance to the kundankulam nuclear powerplant , and how its next to impossible to built a nuclear power plant there . hence an artificial shortage can fuel the counter movement with mass support especially of the middle classes to hasten the various nuclear power projects . (indo – us co operation)


5 TO REDIRECT THE POWER FOR SOME SECRET EXPERIMENTS – the cheap but sophisticated indian version of hadron collider ..

6 CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE THIRD KIND – somewhere in haryana a space ship must have landed with its alien passengers due to some error . electricity must have been redirected to power the space ships off earth , as the government do have a handful of issues and was not interested to add the alien issue to it.

7 JUST PLANE HOARDING OF POWER – the north indian style.

8 POWER USED FOR NATIONAL SECURITY – which iam not allowed to explain.

these are just a few theories you are welcome to add more…


most cities in india dream of one day becoming “Shanghai” – the heart of chinese economic miracle. they all dream of a future where skyscrappers and expressways will replace slums and gutters. it’s not what we palakkad-an’s dream of , we just want to be the next malappuram the fast developing Shanghai to the north .

why is our district the most backward ?. is having a 70 hindu population the reason? or is it that we are supposed to be always the picture perfect valluvanadan villages for the mollywood? what ever the reason , we the people of the district are the only ones to be blamed.

yes i am envious of malappuram , envious of the pace at which they have rushed past the economic stagnation of the 80s , envious of the kind of leaders they elect and the say they have on the way the state is run. the infrastructure development is astonishing, almost all the major roads are rubberized and broad , they have some of the best hospitals in the state , shopping malls and hangouts are world class . you have MLA s fighting to better the achievements of their predecessors , ministers promising medical colleges , political parties fighting for the ‘right number’ of ministers. wow…

your neighbour to the south , us , we are proud of being the largest district( by area) , for being the hottest region and many other trivial stuff , and ya for being the most illiterate district and the one with the worst sslc results. our leaders don’t care and we care less, hence we elect anyone who runs on the “party ” ticket . green or white we will always vote red , hence we shornurites voted a lady whose track record as sreekrishnapuram MLA was shameful with huge majority . yes it is true that we don’t have the “vote bank” or the gulf ” black money” but at least we could elect someone capable , can’t we? . iam not a communist hater or a congressman , i still believe that the best MLA kerala has ever seen is mr v.sasikumar of perinthalmanna , but the cpm in our district always field weak candidates , congress is no exception but mr c.p mohammed of pattambi is a clear exception.

the infrastructure in the district is dismal , we are in dire need of a good hospital ,the two major railway stations urgently need a face lift . education sector needs critical attention , we cannot afford to be the worst in this knowledge era . protests wont work , actions needs to be taken , if not we will always remain the laughing stock of kerala.


kerala was once the destination for immigrants , from jews seeking freedom from persecution to arabs in search of famed black gold.post independence its reversed, we now export people to all parts of the world. a lot have been discussed about the gulf boom and its implications , but not much about the IT boom and the indian growth story . valluvanad from british times have seen its bright ones board trains to madras  never to return. this migration peaked in the 80s then stopped owing to the gulf boom , but late 90s have seen it return.

out of the nearly 40 students in my batch at school all except a handful have gone the IT way. this must be the true for the most among gen Y.  bangalore which is the face of new india attracts most of these young graduates followed by chennai .the booming economy and the weird  insistance on the parent’s side for the children to be engineers have accelerated this to such an extend that its hard to spot a young face at family functions.most of the educated , upper caste middle class families have no young ones at home . many of our family friends are among this “middle people” . middle class, middle aged at home staring at a post retirement life , lonely at home.

the full effect of this mass movement of young people will not be evident in the immediate future but as the parents age the social implications will be severe. it will have catasrophic effect on the cultural  set up of malayalis . ways of life , caste and cultural traditions will be lost for ever .The urbanisation will result in cultural and lingistic homogenisation  with  hinglish replacing malayalam and punjabiyat replasing malayalitvam.

this trend is sure to continue and is hard to reverse . all we can do is to prepare ourself for this big revolution just round the corner ready to adapt to this new world with minimal conflict.


i have always tried to be politically impartial in all my posts . but the assembly election results have forced me to take a stand , to be with my beloved MLA Mr V Sasikumar .

before writing this post i would like you to know that i am not a native of perinthalmanna constituency.

how can you describe charismatic leaders who lead from the front , who tries hard to be a part of every joy and sorrow of his constituents ,  whose sole motto is development and people’s welfare . that is sasikumar for you. a man who made perinthalmanna into one foremost towns of Malabar.

i personally have seen perinthalmanna transform over the last four years . during the first year of my study one of the things i feared the most was the traffic jams at the perinthalmanna junction. i still vividly remember one of such jams where my bus was stuck at the bye pass junction for nearly an hour . to combat this menace our MLA renovated the nilambur bye pass and the jubilee road , with the buses diverted through the bye pass . traffic signals were installed at the main junction. as a result of these traffic jams are a rarity these days. he initiated the widening of the section of NH 213 passing through perinthalmanna , which in itself reduced traffic congestion at angadipuram gate . many roads were rubberized including the valanchery road and the cherpulaseery road which is under repair right now.

how can some one forget the aligarh Muslim university campus that is under construction or the medicity .  with the setting up of the aligarh university off campus center perinthalmanna will be thrust into one of the premiere educational centers in south India.

he is the ideal MLA that india needs , but sadly in the last election he lost , that too by a margin of nearly 10,000 votes. how can the populace of perinthalmanna be so harsh on a man who dedicated his life for their service? . you cannot blame the people of perinthalmanna alone , its a general trend in kerala to vote for the party rather than the candidate . this election results have thrown in many such examples in valluvanad. two of the examples are K.Saleekha in shornur and M Hamsa at ottapalam , both from the cpm. the developmental works initiated by both during the ltenure was abysmal. the evidence of which are cherpulassery and ottapalam.  this mentality of malayalis must change , we must give support to leaders like Sasikumar who work for the people .

i dedicate this post to this visionary who will still be the MLA in the eyes of people like me who want India to develop and prosper rather than to fragment and fight over petty dividing lines.


the contemporary culture of a country is framed by many factors including the media it consumes , so thanks to the media we Indians have become sensation hungry  “at your face ” kind of people who even in presence of dignitaries like the president or the prime minister boo the one we think have brought shame to the country . Isn’t booing in front of so many  foreign dignitaries a national shame , more embarrassing than the  crores of rupees slashed down the drain by these corrupt officials ? .  we have become so insensitive that we actually follow –  tv shows like emotional atyachaar  , news channels like times now which thrives on plain speculation or serials where women are treated not more than slaves . how have we,one of the oldest and greatest civilisations  came to be  the long-lost  twin of  the Yankees? , how come a country as diverse as ours came to be so homogeneous in its tastes ? – the answer to these two questions is  – the great indian media .

the run up to the commonwealth games have shown the news channels and news papers stooping so low that BBC and its Indian reporting came to be more  palatable . the media thrashed the countries’ image into pieces that the foreign media started to speculate whether the games were ever going to happen . TIMES NOW – the mother of sensational news in india  was in the forefront , HEADLINES TODAY – the cheap cousin of the times group flagship channel followed the suit . so we were bombarded with filthy toilet stories , mosquitoes and dengue . have they been not living in India ? these are basic realities here . I bet even arnab goswami must have been bitten by mosquito, at least once . they just blew things out of proportion that it was made into a national issue . in a country where millions  die of malnutrition these stories dominated the airspace for weeks .and finally when the D day came the opening ceremony went smooth  . so WHY did they make such a lot of noise about the games – was it just for the country to be ridiculed by a country like New Zealand whose population is  smaller than many districts in India or Australia which is barely the size of mumbai? . i guess so , as we will never get the answers – the critics have become admirers of the games, and asking questions to a patriot about the treason he did is treason in itself .

the youth channels have become places were the human emotions or dignity are alien concepts . u have shows like ROADIES where people line up to be insulted to the extent that the average viewer’s heart goes out  for his whole extended family . the reality shows which pit people against each other and manipulate their reactions are so inhuman that in front of those producers Stalin would look a better person .

commenting on the TV serials is more pathetic than they actually are.

there were talks of the government bringing in new regulations to make the media more responsible as of now this has not happened . but such a watch dog is a necessity or else we will turn into a society so driven by these manipulating thugs that we will have our own Iraq invasions and we will never respond to that.


just a day after the naxals killed 80 CRPF jawans we saw one of those instances of rare unity between the ruling party and the opposition . there were media “speculations ” about the home minister quitting his post, taking moral responsibility for the incident , to this  bjp came up with a statement that the H.M must not resign as it would be a moral victory for the perpetrators of this heinous violence . this was quiet a shocking statement from a party whose leaders  wanted shiv raj patel out right the next second after the Mumbai attacks. why did the opposition react that way?.lets find out the answer.

the various entities that form india is more diverse than the E.U which cannot even stand eye to eye in rescuing Greece . the common thread connecting these thousands of small entities  is the de facto religion of hinduism and many of its cultural extensions . we hindus  may call ourselves secular but beneath this thin membrane of pseudo secularism is the anxiety about our existence . the fear of going back to servitude and falling back to the nearly thousand years of  foreign rule . this fear of extermination which brought us together is still keeping us united.

in this respect india is more like isreal , but not as aggressive in defending its identity . since we are nearly a billion hindus vs a few million jews we could  be complacent , but the indian government still tries to defend its  identity . it knows how to keep this billion under control , so it utilizes tragedies like the above mentioned ones to keep this fear of unity alive . they not only make us fear the minorities(external forces) but make us assert our power on minorities like the many riots till gujrat to make us feel how much safe we are under them. through not punishing the guilty they give us assurance that we will never have to face any forced conversions or loose our gods under their guardianship. we all complain of hindu chauvinism but it is not bjp or rss  that is keeping it alive but the ruling class that always reminds us of our imminent peril whether in the hands of pakistan or the godless chinese.

the Mumbai attacks could be taken as the best example –  we had islamic terrorists bringing india’s business capital to a standstill (the best case scenario) this tragedy was taken up as an opportunity by the pseudo secular forces and their allies in the media  to derail the ongoing india – pakistan peace talks .  the normalisation of  relations would  mean enemy no 1 would be enemy no more . though pakistan is a major nuclear power ,the constant comparison and the fear in the indian psyche is just exaggerated . what can a country the size of uttar pradesh do, other than the proxy war it does , a direct confrontation means the complete annihilation of our smaller neighbor . we may also face casualties but will still survive . this is the worst case, will the international community allow such a confrontation in  the first place?. so the threat posed by pakistan is more on paper than in reality , whose existence is essential for our existence .

the naxalism is another of the “threats” facing us , the ruling class will never take action to suppress them nor will they stop making fables about their ability to overthrow the indian union .here the anxiety  is not about getting converted but loosing gods en mass . more over the socialist ideology is projected as the threat to the free economic system that shows 8% growth figures , the liberal media funded by these vested forces will never try to see the other 75% of india who suffers  . so we will have  arnab goswami questioning the patriotism  of  socialist thinkers  and never questioning  why naxalism is spreading through the jungles at this pace. it is a fact that naxals could never overthrow the indian union , but the capitalist lobby is taking extra mileage of this situation , they care less about the poor whether it be the widows of the dead soldiers or it be tribals caught in the cross fire.

these forces would take undue benefit of our fear if we never believe in the stability and longevity of this great conglomerate . so lets all try to make sense of reality than get guided by fear.


Cherpulassery could be the most common search term directed towards my blog. I was surprised to see the netizen’s interest about my birth place , that too not about the cultural history or the heritage of the place but to know about the Modern Cherpulassery . For them i would like to share the things I know about the ‘present day Cherpulassery’

I pass through Cherpulassery twice a day for six times a week, each time i pass the town would have grown by a metre vertically or horizontally. that is the pace with which the town develops . During my childhood cherpulassery was what the “moonumkudiyodam” , a junction where Palakkad,Pattambi and Ottapalam roads met , with a few grocery shops, sleepy tea stalls , two movie theaters “Anand ” and “Devi” , The government hospital and the Sankar hospital . Today  Cherpulassery extends from Ayyapankavu to Puthanalkal and beyond, a  nearly 3 km stretch in the East – West direction . The town is also expanding to the Ottapalam road, AKG road, EMS road and The High school road. the centre of focus now is the bus stand .

Cherpulassery is known for two temples – The Ayyapan Kavu and Puthanalkavu. Ayyapankavu is often referred to as the Sabarimala of Malabar . The Ettam (eight) Vilakku festival at the temple is well known and usually attaracts pilgrims from across the region. Puthanalkkal Devi temple is known for the kalavela and pooram that takes place every year at a huge scale which could not be comparable with any other in the region. The interesting fact about Puthanalkkal is the fact that the center of worship here is the Aal or the Banyan tree. The region around Cherpulassery probably has the highest concentration of Brahmin Illoms especially around Ayyapankavu. They used to be a regular feature of Malayalam movies in the 90s , when the stories were set in Valluvanadan heartland.

Cherpulassery is well connected by road to all the major towns in valluvanad. Shornur Junction is the nearest major station (17 kms) and Calicut International airport is the nearest airport.

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Presently it is a Muncipality with population of 30,000 , but it caters to the needs of nearly 250,000 people of nearby villages making it a bustling commercial center . The Cherpulassery police station is at Kacherikunnu (where the British court was located) on Perinthalmanna road .There is a Govt higher secondary school (one of the oldest in the region where  Mahatma Gandhi is said to have visited) . There is a Govt hospital at the hospital junction and many private hospitals including an upcoming medical college.