this is a story about a movement which neither the right , left or centre wants to talk about. founded in 1930s  by a group of well informed gentlemen as an alternative to the congress and the communist party , congress socialist party was grand in its vision . it wanted to fuse the socialist ideas with the “bharat ki mitti” and that too not in a marxist way. they were never against the indian set up , but opposed its evils , nor were they anti religion. its leaders dreamed of an india were inequalities perished and everyone lived a fruitful life.

quit india movement was when most of its leaders like jayaprakash narayan and ram manohar lohia came to the national forefront. they quickly made inroads among the masses and were quiet literally challenging the congress high command. gandhi being the authoritarian that he was did the same thing with the socialist camp what he had done to subhash chandra bose. that is he boycotted it. with time the movement lost its steam and by 1950s died a slow death. though jp rose back to prominance in the 70s for another reason , this time his ideology taking a back seat over his personal vendetta. if his second innings was more about his ideology than ambitions the janatha party regime could have ushered in a new india..