Discovery of India was there on my flipkart wishlist for a long time.i had till last month never though myself ready to read it , as i started reading , the book quickly got hold of me . internship came as a boon as i could be in it 24*7 even in the clinic. there are many view points at looking at Nehru , but over the years the minority views were suppressed and he was made a divinity like Gandhi. so for a guy in his mid twenties this book opened up Nehru more as a human being than the god that he is perceived to be.

the book is aptly titled a classic that it is , for its narration. opening at the Indus valley it passes smoothly through Vedas , Mauryas , Guptas and the sultans to reach 1944. for someone who calls himself an atheist his knowledge of Indian philosophy and advaita comes out as a revelation.for me the book really starts with the advent of British , to have the first hand narration of the freedom movement. the stubbornness of Indian national congress over partition is barely emphasized these days , Nehru vehemently opposed the idea and could rarely meet eye to eye with Jinnah. the decision taken not to support the Nazis and japan during the second world war is praiseworthy . Nehru was totally against the tactics of Indian national army and Subhash Chandra boss to side with Japanese as he believed that such an alliance would just change the imperial government at Delhi.

the book presents the constant turmoil both inside and outside , that compelled him to look at things at a new angle , from the past . so at Ahmadnagar fort he slowly unravels . the author may come out a bit too western for an average Indian for his constant references to Greek , roman and European literature , but his understanding of the Indian problems were equally deep. though a prophet of industrialization , he was of the view that india could prosper only with villages as autonomous units. the foreign policy doctrine and the non aligned movement were evident in his writing.he looked up to the African and Asian countries for guidance especially china , which he considered as the eternal friend of ours. hence it was not surprising to imagine his initial reactions in 1962.

the book opens itself in bits and as it reaches the final pages you would feel your heart heavy with pride . Mr Nehru i feel privileged to know you in person.