kerala was once the destination for immigrants , from jews seeking freedom from persecution to arabs in search of famed black independence its reversed, we now export people to all parts of the world. a lot have been discussed about the gulf boom and its implications , but not much about the IT boom and the indian growth story . valluvanad from british times have seen its bright ones board trains to madras  never to return. this migration peaked in the 80s then stopped owing to the gulf boom , but late 90s have seen it return.

out of the nearly 40 students in my batch at school all except a handful have gone the IT way. this must be the true for the most among gen Y.  bangalore which is the face of new india attracts most of these young graduates followed by chennai .the booming economy and the weird  insistance on the parent’s side for the children to be engineers have accelerated this to such an extend that its hard to spot a young face at family functions.most of the educated , upper caste middle class families have no young ones at home . many of our family friends are among this “middle people” . middle class, middle aged at home staring at a post retirement life , lonely at home.

the full effect of this mass movement of young people will not be evident in the immediate future but as the parents age the social implications will be severe. it will have catasrophic effect on the cultural  set up of malayalis . ways of life , caste and cultural traditions will be lost for ever .The urbanisation will result in cultural and lingistic homogenisation  with  hinglish replacing malayalam and punjabiyat replasing malayalitvam.

this trend is sure to continue and is hard to reverse . all we can do is to prepare ourself for this big revolution just round the corner ready to adapt to this new world with minimal conflict.