iam a great fan of conspiracy theories , hence the latest mystery , the north indian blackout story made me think the various reasons why exactly the blackout occurred ? . the peak of the indian summer is behind us and the monsoon though deficient has set in , the heat wave have subsided and the temperature have settled in early 30s ( though humidity is high … we indians are used to that aren’t we? ). so the extra power consumption for air conditioning doesnt seem like a reasonable explanation.the other reason given is the irrigation one which blames the farmers of punjab , haryana and western uttar pradesh , who supposedly took  more than their share to irrigate the farms due to the failing monsoon , but here  most commentators overlook the fact that northwestern india is the region which is least dependent on monsoon rains.  owing to these iam putting forward a few conspiracy theories , some may be silly but others are points to ponder. .

1 LARGE SCALE PRIVATIZATION – since 1990s the main aim of the governments at the centre is to get out of all the profitable corporations and retain the cash cows ( like air india ) . they call it liberalisation. making every aspect of indian life to be dictated by market forces. like, if you wish to travel from thrissur to kodakara or chalakudy the one way ticket on NH 213 will cost you rs 55 , which goes to the BOT firm .its the same with every other sector . so if the large scale  privatisation of the power production and distribution ( which is now limited to pockets like mumbai ) occur, it is a win win situation for the government and the tatas or for the privatisation to happen there must be a contingency of this scale.

2 TO GET ENVIRONMENT CLEARANCE – many hydro electric power projects are caught under the red tape of the environment ministry , so is the case with coal mines . a mass outrage can push these files more easily out of the ministry , giving the nod to fill himalayan valleys with flood water and giving ammunition to the maiosts in central india with proliferating coal mines.

3 NUCLEAR POWER – we all know the resistance to the kundankulam nuclear powerplant , and how its next to impossible to built a nuclear power plant there . hence an artificial shortage can fuel the counter movement with mass support especially of the middle classes to hasten the various nuclear power projects . (indo – us co operation)


5 TO REDIRECT THE POWER FOR SOME SECRET EXPERIMENTS – the cheap but sophisticated indian version of hadron collider ..

6 CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE THIRD KIND – somewhere in haryana a space ship must have landed with its alien passengers due to some error . electricity must have been redirected to power the space ships off earth , as the government do have a handful of issues and was not interested to add the alien issue to it.

7 JUST PLANE HOARDING OF POWER – the north indian style.

8 POWER USED FOR NATIONAL SECURITY – which iam not allowed to explain.

these are just a few theories you are welcome to add more…